Wall Mount

Warning: Bison will not assume liability resulting from improper wall attachment. Consult a qualified contractor for installation of a wall mount system. Bison residential basketball systems are not warranted for non-residential use.

ZipCrank™ PKG300 Glass Shooting Station
ZipCrank Shooting Station
A ZipCrank hand crank adjusts this 54″ x 36″ TruGlass backboard with ease. Removable hand crank adjusts goal height from official 10′ to as low as 7 1/2′ for play by kids of all ages. Competition design breakaway goal and direct goal mount design makes backboard virtually unbreakable during normal play. Steel structure mounts to wall with three load spreading struts. Customer provides wall mounting anchors. There’s a 30″ safe play area at 10′.

QwikChange™ PKG275 Acrylic Shooting Station
Qwik Change Acrylic Shooting Station
The look of a professional court at a budget price! Official-size goal raises and lowers with ease on this system that features a 32″ x 48″ clear rectangular backboard. Direct mount goal design protects backboard during slam-dunk action. No ladders or tools needed to change the goal height. The 7 1/2′ to 10′ goal height adjusts from the playing surface in 6″ increments. Entire system mounts easily to the wall with two load spreading struts. Customer supplies suitable wall mounting hardware. There’s a 22″ safe play area at 10′.

QwikChange™ PKG250 Graphite Shooting Station
Qwik Change Graphite Shooting Station
Our lowest cost adjustable wall mount system. Move the goal height from 7 1/2′ to 10′ in 6″ increments with a broom handle from your driveway. The 36″ x 48″ molded graphite fan-shaped backboard and official-size flex goal are direct mounted to the steel structure for superior backboard durability. QwikChange structure attaches to wall with two struts to spread the load. Customer provides wall mounting anchors. There’s a 22″ safe play area at 10′.